Rental conditions

Rental Conditions of the apartements Calle Gregal, Calpe (Playa Levante/Playa de la Fossa)
  • Rental periods are always by 14 days. Arrival in the apartment in the afternoon to enable the cleaning or
    sometimes earlier but only after agreement, departure of the apartment before 10.00 am for the same reason.
  • The renting will be confirmed after payment of an advance of 35%, with a minimum of 120€.
    The remaining sum has to be paid at least 4 weeks before start of the rental period.
  • Cancelation of the contract always gives cause to loss of the advance. When the cancelation is done after the 61st  day before the rental period the total sum is indebted. There's always a possibility to assure the risk. the fee for an insurance is +/- 4% of the rental sum at every Insurance Company. 
  • At the end of the period, we demand everyone to leave the apartment clean, without leftovers from food or rubbish bags. 
  • Use all materials during your stay as a good housefather. When someting gets broken, please report its so we can replace it and further tenants can enjoy their stay.
  • For any urgent problem we have someone  on the spot in Calpe. You can reach Myriam Schouppe in Calpe at the 660337150 or directly in Belgium 0032.93293530.
  • Final Cleaning 50€ (obliged)
  • Warranty for the keys 50€, which will be returned at the end of the period.
  • There's a possibility to rent a closed parking place.


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